Cover of Texas Almanac

The Texas Almanac is the official factbook of Texas with roots reaching back to 1857. It is published biannually and is a whopping 750 pages of data on Texas.

For its 2006-2007 Sesquicentennial Edition, the Almanac commissioned me to modernize each of the aging, pen-and-ink county maps to full-color, digital images with topographical bases. It was a huge undertaking since there are an exhausting 254 counties in the state. But the results were bright and beautiful.

With help of an apprentice, I was able to complete all the maps, plus a couple dozen additional statewide maps (see below), in less than a year. Since the maps are now editable vectors, the Almanac staff can do their own updates as needed.

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historical map of Brewster County, Texas

Historic pen-and-ink map of Brewster County, Texas. I reworked 254 of these county maps into the full-color, vector, topographical maps.