I do a lot of pieces for animators who are building in Javascript and other software. I enjoy doing animation in Adobe After Effects but simply have not had demand to do it. If you are taking your content online and need pieces or simple animation, contact me.

I also build a lot of pretty sophisticated animations is Powerpoint.

Featured here are two of about a dozen animations I did for the (literal) launch of a company's new software.


Flowserve Corporation was planning a major upgrade to its inhouse software and needed major buy-in from its engineers and staff. Their communications team came up with a great multiplatform campaign that (literally) launched the software with a seven-week countdown. Each week featured a new part of the software with this cute animation and links to training modules.

The animation below is for Week 5, which is T-minus-2, the red tile at the top. The five previous weeks are shown with blue tiles; the ghosted tile on the left is the last remaining week. Scroll down to see the final launch video. The visual parts were built in Adobe Illustrator exported into Adobe After Effects.


The Flowserve seven-week countdown concluded with this rocket launch, which a multimedia company used as the intro to a much longer video.